Existence of God - Temporary Notice:

If you have any proof at all of the existence of God please contact us as quick as you can.

We've been looking for ages and can only find some old books that don't prove anything.

I should add that merely having strong personal feelings that God exists will not cut the mustard here. You see my uncle Roger thinks with all his heart that he's a pig called 'Dennis Baconface' but he's not, he's just mad. Also vague visitations and miracle healings will not suffice, nor will the image of Jesus appearing in a half eaten pie or something. What we need is an autographed photograph or something concrete.

Anything that can be validated by our team of academics will be posted on this very website for the whole world to see.

And then won't the agnostics feel silly eh?

I have had emails in the past recommending we take this part of the website offline until we get some proof, for fear of looking like a bunch of blithering idiots, but surely it won't be long now till something turns up, will it?