Exodus 9:14
"For I will at this time send all MY plagues upon thy heart, and upon thy servants, and upon thy people;
that thou may knowest that there is none like ME in all the earth."

A Warm Welcome

Welcome to our website! Of course now that you have arrived we hope you will feel that this is your website as much as it is ours.

This website is provided as a portal to praise God, and for all those who have love for the Church. We open our arms to all, be you a follower of a different faith, an interested agnostic or even a Catholic. God loves you! God loves me, He loves us all! So tell your friends, tell your neighbours, your colleagues at work, tell strangers and indeed everyone you meet to join our community, the more the merrier! For surely God has enough love for each and every one of us!

Feel free to use this website to better understand His teachings; we hope we can help give His pearls of goodly wisdom fresh relevance in what can be an often bewildering and confusing modern world. We offer second to none historical information about how our Church began and our most glorious founder King Henry VIII. We also shine the harsh light of truth on the shadowy realm of modern 'science' and offer clear cut answers for the really big questions like: "Why are we here?" "Where do we go when we die?" and "How did it all begin?"

Join us on a glorious voyage of discovery into the truth, the light and the way! We invite you all to share in the most wonderful glory of God, and hope you will add your voice to ours in giving praise to the Lord in a celebration of the wonder of His word, His kindness and His love for all mankind.

We are all His children; let us rejoice that we have been blessed so we might know of His love first hand.