Greetings my dear friends. It warms my heart that you have come to this section because it means you probably want to send our Church a message! Not for nothing are we known as 'the listening Church'! You might find a few messages that are not the usual depraved filth posted on the Input Page, so that all might join in the fun.

Some people say that a church is only as good as its congregation, but of course that's a load of old rubbish! The fact is that a church is as good as its god, and as our God is the best God going that makes our Church the best - hooray! Not that I mean to say that the congregation isn't important, it's very important, just not as important as God that's all!

Before you send in a message I imagine you'll be wanting to know a little about who will be receiving it, so I guess I should introduce myself: My name is Reverend Bernard Worthington, and I'm a little older than I'd like to be and a little fatter than my doctor approves of. My hobbies include going to church, reading the Bible and worshipping the LORD. In my spare time I enjoy prayer, waving crucifixes about and singing hymns.

I may not be the wisest man who ever lived, but I have a friend who is. That's right; the LORD God Himself is my buddy, and with His help I'll try to offer any guidance I can to anyone who would like to contact me.

So don't be a stranger (unless you prefer to be - I like strangers just as much as friends anyway!) and send me any questions or thoughts you wish using the form below.

I look forward to hearing from you with a huge smiley face! Blessings be upon you, regards Reverend Bernard Worthington.

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