Science : proceed with caution!

Test tubes, beakers and Bunsen burners. That is the world of the godless scientist. He watches the world with eyes that measure, and listens to it through ears that do sums. Show a scientist a golden crucifix, and he will pay no heed to its Godly goodness and will probably attempt to turn it into lead. Such are his ways; the ways of the black arts.

Any Christian will know we don't need a bunch of bespectacled Dr Menegeles telling us why the sun shines or the rain falls; it's absurdly obvious to any person of faith that these things happen because God wants them to.

Science lessons in school are a ridiculous waste of money; think of the time that could be saved by simply telling students, "Whatever your question about the natural world and the forces at play within it; God is the answer." This would allow science to be replaced in the curriculum with 'Jesus Studies', and the redundant laboratories to be sold to provide money for more Bibles.

Sadly, the world is not such an enlightened place.

Lucifer loves science, because more than any other subject it is a medium of lies, and lies are of course his speciality.

Through science, the dark lord seeks to lead people away from God, and once he has them good and lost amongst his buzzing machines and flashing lights he'll swoop in and make off with their souls, back down to his lair deep in the bowels of the earth where the sun never shines and the suffering is constant.

To try and save as many of our fellow humans from the fires of Hell as possible, it is important to keep a beady eye on the scientific community; and that is what this area of the website is for. Please make use of this section to better know your foe. But always remember the insidious nature of science, and take care when reading any article here to accept nothing as the truth just because there may be evidence to support it. What need have we of evidence, when we have the very word of God Himself?